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"Ishida Shouya" is the first chapter of the Koe no Katachi manga series.



The story starts where Ishida Shouya, a high school student is looking for his ex-classmate Nishimiya Shouko in a Sign Language Club to give her back the notebook she used to communicate because she is deaf. 

Six years earlier, he hangs out with his friends Shimada and Hirose and they jump off a bridge calling them "test of courage" making it a good way to kill his boredom. He always goes home soaked and dirty with his friends and they keep their time together in his room. Shimada got curious whom Shouya is playing with and he tells the other game controller is in his sister's room. There, he witnessed his sister sleeping while a guy on the bed is holding the game controller. It turns out his sister brings different guys to his room and the current man named Genki is the 30th person so far. 

The next day, it is announced to his class that they will have a transfer student. Everyone is excited about and the class representative Kawai cheerfully tell them. Everyone is making a ruckus about it. Ueno who is beside Ishida is teasing him but he didn't mind. 

Going home after school, Ishida asks Shimada and Hirose where to play but Shimada declines and decides to attend the cram school for he is absent several times. After he left, Ishida asks Hirose this time but he declines it too and tell him they should quit the test of courage. He ends up being home and playing video games instead. He has deep thoughts to triumph over boredom and he will do anything to win over it. 

The next day, the transfer student arrived. Most of the students are excited but Ishida yawns. As she enters, everyone is quiet. The teacher asks the transfer student to introduce herself but she didn't heared him. So he tapped his shoulders. Everyone is surprised when the transfer student flips pages of her notebook with written of greetings and telling her name. She also explains there she will use the notebook to communicate with them and use it to talk to her. She flips once more and written there is "I'm deaf", like explaining why she has to use the notebook to communicate. 

Ishida is shock to see the words in the notes and shouts "What a weirdo". Everyone looked at him and fall silent. Nishimiya wonders and looks at the teacher but he ignores Ishida and proceed by choosing the seat for Nishimiya. He asks Ishida to move further behind and points out where Nishimiya's seat is. As she goes towards her desk, she bows to every student she meets and they happily greets her. Lastly, when she bows to Ishida, he is supposed to say "Nice to meet you" but he stopped and grinned behind her. [1]


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