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An extra chapter of Koe no Katachi manga series.


Nishimiya gets a haircut in Ishida Hair Make where the hair dresser is Ishida's mother.


At the salon of Ishidas, Nishimiya is being called by Ishida's mother but she doesn't notice. She approaches her and directs her to the seat where she will have her hair cut. While Ishida's mother asks what hairstyle she wants, she holds her hair and notices it is wet and has leaves. She thought she also jumps off bridges and it is trending for the kids. 

Nishimiya points the hairstyle reaching only the neck. While talking to her, Ishida's mother thinks she is a very silent girl. Nishimiya's mother comes in and asks what kind of hairstyle she will do to her daughter. She points out a boyish hairstyle in the catalog because she wants her daughter to be strong like a boy. When Ishida's mother tries to asks Nishimiya regarding to her mother's request, Nishimiya's mother interrupted her telling she won't hear her because she's deaf. Ishida's mother writes a note instead. Nishimiya seems not in favor in it so Ishida's mother decides to do to her the hairstyle she first points out. Nishimiya's mother is on rage when she didn't get what she wished for and swear never to come back to the salon. Despite her anger, Nishimiya gives Ishida's mother a big smile.[1]


Characters in order of appearance:Edit

  • Ishida's mother
  • Nishimya Shouko
  • Nishimiya's mother


  1. Extra Chapter Volume 1, Koe no Katachi