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"Hahahahaha" is the third chapter of the Koe no Katachi manga series.


Ishida Shouya pays his bullying to Nishimiya Shouko when his teacher Takeuchi-sensei and the rest of the class points his pranks at Nishimiya as if they are not involved. After that incident, The friends he used to know are now bullying him.  


Continuing from the last chapter, Ishida harshly removes his hand from Nishimiya's hold. Hirose and Shimada laugh at them and find Nishimiya's actions funny. Nishimiya never gives up and continues to talk to him and she holds her hands together but they failed to undestand her. Instead, Ishida throws her communication book in the pond and Nishimiya heads to the pond to find it. The next day, Ishida continues his bullying  He thinks all he is doing is great as his classmates laugh at it.

One day. Takeuchi-sensei starts to discuss a serious matter in his class and beside him is the school principal. He told to his class the matter is about Nishimiya who had gone absent that day. The principlal tells the class that Nishimiya has lost or broke eight of her hearing aids and her mother calls at the principal's office. He asks the class if she was bullied in school and explains to them that the cost of the hearing aids would sum up to 1.7 million yen because it is expensive. He makes a deal if someone turn their selves voluntarily, the school will take responsiblity and their parents won't get involved. If no one does, they will leave the investigation to the police. Ishida gets nervous and pale and thought about his mother. Before he raises his hand, Takeuchi-sensei blames Ishida and shout it out. He orders him to stand and asks his neighboring seat Ueno what she can say to Ishida. Ueno answers how Ishida is taking advantage of Nishimiya's deafness and made fun of her. Kawai then raises her hand and tells Ueno is the one who keeps stopping Ishida the most and tells the girls are not involved with the bullying. Takeuchi-sensei then asks his friend Shimada who answers he keeps telling him to stop but Ishida never listened. Ishida shouts and tells them how they all laugh with his pranks even their teacher. Takeuchi-sensei pins him telling the only matter is related to him. Ishida then tells in the class how the girls talk the meaniest things behind Nishimiya's back which resulted for Ueno to get mad and Kawai to overactingly cried after Ishida specially mentions them. 

All of his classmates see him the worst person and are bullying him especially Shimada, Hirose, Kawai and Ueno as they pushed Ishida in the pond with his stuffs. He accidentally touched Nishimiya's communication book at the bottom of the pond and read its contents. Most of the words written on it is "I'm sorry". Takeuchi-sensei notice him and asks what he is doing in the pond but he wasn't believed when he told him the truth that Shimada pushed him. 

On his home, his mother is waiting for him telling she heard everything from the teacher. When he turns at her, he saw her crying. His mother withdraws in the bank and pays back the money directly to NIshimiya's mother at a cafe. He idles around and accidentally sees Nishimiya feeding the doves. He hide behind a post in which he notices grafittis related to love and passes his anger to the post by hitting it. Nishimiya notices him and he runs away. As he goes to the bridge, wondering if his mom is still talking, he sees Nishimiya at the end of the bridge and thought she is following him. When he tries to threaten her by punching, he saw her mother and tries to apologize. She gives a rude comment about both him and her mother have disgraceful face. 

The next day, Shimada throws a ball at him and Ishida thought he was just playing at him. As they are going home, Hirose suggested to try another test of courage but this time, they went on a balcony. Ishida told them they can't jump without water at the height they are in. Hirose strangles his leg and he elbows him a little hard. Shimada then suggested to wrestle and Ishida tells them how to do a suplex. Shimada then orders Hirose to do the suplex on Ishida. In the end, he went home full of bruise and he shower with the hose to pretend he went for another test of courage. As he goes upstairs he is talking to himself when his mother suggested the cake she bought. His mother gets embarrased when the customer hears him. 

He makes thoughts about killing his boredom and everyone around him changed when Nishimiya came. He remember he used to be close with Shimada and Hirose but now, he is the one being bullied by them. The rest of his classmates saw him laying back on the street and think everything he did once are turning back at him and laugh. When he raises his head, he sees Nishimiya looking at him and gets surprised.[1]


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