Koe no Katachi Volume 5

Date of Release (Japanese)

August 16, 2014

Date of Release (English)

January 12, 2016

Previous Volume

Volume 4

Next Volume

Volume 6

A Quiet Calm: Koe no Katachi Volume 5 is the fifth volume released for the Koe no Katachi manga series.

Chapters Edit

  • Chapter 33: Big Friend "N"
  • Chapter 34: I Don't Want To Go
  • Chapter 35: Respectable
  • Chapter 36: What I Wanted
  • Chapter 37: Now And Forever
  • Chapter 38: Jumping At Shadows
  • Chapter 39: Just Some Passerby
  • Chapter 40: Pretend Date
  • Chapter 41: Everyone
  • Chapter 42: Fireworks

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