Miki Kawai
川井 みき
Kawai Miki
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Manga: Chapter 01
Voice Actor: Megumi Han (JP)
Amber Lee Connors (EN)
Annabelle Corigliano (young - EN)

Miki Kawai (川井 みき, Kawai Miki) is a supporting character in the Koe no Katachi series. She is also the class representative in Ishida's class.


Kawai has long blond hair and has a rather cute face (which she states in her own chapter that she knows she is "cute"). When she was younger she used to wear glasses.


Kawai acts as a responsible girl, usually taking the role of a leader whether it be in class or on a small trip with friends. She also acts kind and polite when helping her classmates. However, at times when she is pushed, she can act rude and say mean comments about people. She is the only one who is able to tell Ueno off when she is going too far.

Ishida asked her one day about whether or not she told the class about his past mistakes, which offended her and she talked back. He then implied that she was a hypocrite because she acted like she didn't do anything during the time Nishimiya was being bullied. When she was confronted by this she acted weak in front of the class and reveals to them that it was actually Ishida who made Nishimiya transfer schools.

She may seem nice and polite to people but is actually quite conceited, evident in the fact that she acknowledged the fact that she was cute even from before and feels as if the class loves her. When Ishida was comatose she asked the class to make 1000 paper cranes to give to Ishida when he woke up. She found out right after that some people, in fact, know that she can be bossy and thinks the paper cranes is an absurd idea and that she can sometimes be creepy. It can be hinted that she has a crush on Satoshi as she constantly agrees with the things he does.


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