Miyoko Sahara
佐原 みよこ
Sahara Miyoko
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Manga: Chapter 01
Voice Actor: Yui Ishikawa (JP)
Melissa Hope (EN)
Catie Harvey (young - EN)

Miyoko Sahara (佐原 みよこ, Sahara Miyoko) is a supporting character in the Koe no Katachi series.

In elementary school, she was the only one willing to learn sign language for the sake of Nishimiya Shouko.

Appearance Edit

Sahara is a tall girl with freckles, gentle eyes, and short black hair. For school, she wears a sailor uniform, and when going out her clothing is often dark or black. She is often seen wearing high heels.

Personality Edit

Sahara is a kind person for the majority of the manga. She often has conversations with Nishimiya Shouko, and she does multiple activities with her including going to a karaoke bar with her, despite Nishimiya's tone deaf singing.

However, during Ishida's rant, he criticized her of being 'quick to run' as she left elementary school immediately after she was bullied.



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