Nishimiya Yuzuru
Yuzuru's early appearance


Chapter 8

Yuzuru Nishimiya (西宮 結弦, Nishimiya Yuzuru) is a character introduced in Koe no Katachi. She is the younger sister of Nishimiya Shouko. She is a third year middle school student but rarely attends.  

Yuzuru is Shouko's companion with hardships against the bullies or with her mother's forceful decision to Shouko. It seems she doesn't have a good relationship with her mother but bonds well with her grandmother. She has a hobby of taking pictures of the dead, with the objective of showing her sister how horrible is the death in order to encourage her to not kill herself.


Yuzuru, at first glance, has a boyish appearance. She has short black hair and blue eyes. She usually wears a hoodie and shorts and always has her camera with her.

Story Edit

Yuzuru is first introduced when Ishida looks for Nishimiya Shouko. Yuzuru claims to be the Shouko's boyfriend to discourage Ishida from approaching her.

She cut her hair short to prevent her mother from cutting her sister's hair.

Relationship Edit

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