Satoshi Mashiba
真柴 智
Mashiba Satoshi
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Manga: Chapter 24
Voice Actor: Toshiyuki Toyonaga (JP)
Max Mittelman (EN)

Satoshi Mashiba (真柴 智, Mashiba Satoshi) is a character introduced in Koe no Katachi.

Mashiba is boy who becomes interested in and joins Ishida Shouya's group of friends upon learning they are making a movie. He is eager to be the lead actor and is considered handsome and talented enough to do so. Mashiba was lonely as a child and the other children took him for granted and bullied him. Now, he is completely intolerant of bullies in any form, and while generally calm and level-headed, he reacts violently to any random act of bullying he sees.


Mashiba is a tall, rather lanky boy with dark brown eyes, and light reddish-orange hair that he wears with several longer locks over his forehead and eyes.

He is usually seen wearing the school uniform, which is a white polo shirt without the black tie. Outside of school, he is seen to be dressed quite smartly.


Mashiba is a friendly person throughout most of the story. He tends to be fair, very easy going and is not afraid to stand up for others in need. He can, however, be violent and even threatening when angered, reacting impulsively and attacking without hesitation. He is noted to be rather frightening when he is like this.



Shouya IshidaEdit

Mashiba met and became friends with Shouya after learning that they were making a movie. Shouya is one of his closest friends and they are on good terms with each other.

Shouko NishimiyaEdit

Mashiba has interacted with Shouko on several occasions by means of her communication notebook and lip-reading. He met her after having made friends with Shouya.

Miki KawaiEdit

Mashiba and Kawai have been hinted to have mutual crushes on each other, as Kawai is usually agreeing with everything he says, and Mashiba will even resort to violence to defend her. This is demonstrated when he punches Shouya for telling Kawai, in a fit of confusion, that she "made him sick".

Tomohiro NagatsukaEdit

Mashiba and Tomohiro have conversed several times, generally over the movie, of which Mashiba is the main character and Tomohiro, the director. They are friends and on good terms.


  • Satoshi (智) means "intellect".